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Online Backoffice

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Online availability of backoffice reports for clients, groups, branches and families


  • To provide online reports to branches, groups, families and clients about day's trading activities
  • To provide accounting report, trade reports comprehensively
  • To enable branches to print bills and contracts on preprinted stationery as well as on blank papers
  • To request payout for clients by branches, groups or families
  • To show dmat holding and transactions to individual clients
  • To accept request to release collaterals


New Horizons, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India has developed online backoffice for various access levels

  1. Client level backoffice (single level)
  2. Client - group level backoffice (2 level)
  3. Client - family level backoffice (2 level)
  4. Client - family - group - branch level backoffice (4 level)

It contains variety of accounting and trading reports.

  • Sauda (trades) reports
  • Performance reports
  • Client cumulative reports
  • Delivery pending reports
  • Delivery payout / payin reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Combined reports for NSE, BSE and FO
  • Payout release workflow
  • Collateral release workflow
  • Scanned cheque entries in recept module


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