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Lead Management System

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Sales Force Management System to track all sales activities, preserve data, scheduled followups


  • To implement Marketing Information System as per organization's hierarchy
  • To monitor activity of sales personnel on real time basis
  • To schedule followups and alerts on overly delayed followups
  • To undertake centralized data entry of prospects and allocation of sales personnel based on geographical area, products, segmentation etc
  • Strategic analysis of sales activities
  • Segment wise promotions
  • To archive complete interaction with prospect chronologically


This system can be internet based or intranet based. It stores data of prospects approached by sales personnel, schedules follow ups. It generates very comprehensive reports with power data filters for top management. It respects organization hierarchy. For example, if 10 sales persons report to 3 area managers and 3 area managers report to 1 GM, GM can see everyone's sales activity data, area managers can see their respective sales personnel's data. This system also keeps record of sales activity at every followup or meeting with prospect


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