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All Integrated Solution

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Email Server, Internet Server, Firewall, Antispam, Antivirus, Backup System, User Profiling, Email Vigilance


  • To achive no-virus, no-worms, no-trojans computers
  • To minimize licensing cost
  • To avoid frequent hardware upgrades
  • To set up efficient email system with surveillance on email activities of users
  • To set up efficient internet server with tight restrictions and activity logging
  • To set up protection against hacking, open relays, open proxies by firewall
  • To set up an effective data backup system
  • To set up user permission based computing
  • To achieve no-problem computers, network, emails and internet

This is an integrated solution which sets up email\u00a0server, internet server, firewall, data server, vigillance, backup system in your network. This 100% solves virus, worms, trojans, hacking, data loss, internet misuse, email misuse problems. This system comes with 12 monthly audits by experts in a year and 12 comprehensive audit reports with a proactive approach.


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