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BlackBOX 3.X


Active Directory Users Profiling, Automatic Backup System, Software Restrictions, Email Distribution System, Internet Proxy Server, Firewall
BlackBOX Firewall 3X series

This solution is appropriate for any organization which operates on more than 10 computers in LAN. Following are the features and benefits.

BlackBOX Firewall 3.X total security series

Firewall ||| Centralized data storage ||| Automatic backup of users? documents and email data ||| No possibility of data theft by Pen drives, Removable Media ||| Complete control on softwares to be used by users ||| Complete control on giving permissions to users on certain documents, folders, printers ||| Comprehensive EDP Audit ||| Secured Internet Sharing ||| IP, MAC Address, User Authentication ||| Web Site Black List ||| Web Site White List ||| Bandwidth Usage Control ||| User Level Bandwidth Allocation ||| User Level Internet Privilege Definition ||| Global White Lists for Anti Virus Updates / Windows Updates ||| User Wise Internet Usage Reports  ||| Full Fledged Mail Server ||| User Privileges By All External Emails ||| User Privileges By Limited External Emails ||| User Privileges By Only Internal Emails ||| Group Wise Email Vigilance (Incoming & Outgoing) ||| User Privileges By BCC Denial ||| Single Location Virus Scan of Emails ||| Large Email Download Timing Configuration ||| Compatible with All Popular Email Clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Incredimail etc. ||| Gmail Compliant ||| Anti Spam System (Optional)

||| Need based software permissions to users
     Accounts users only gets access to MS Office, Tally or  
     any accounting package or ERP
||| Centralized data storage
     Users? hard disks are disabled. All data (emails and
     documents) is stored on central server.
||| Automatic Backup
     All data (emails and documents) is backed up
     Automatically on desired media and desired versions
||| No Time Pass Activities
     Games, movies, videos, music are disabled. Only
     work related software is available
||| No permission to install new software
     Users cannot install anything on computers without
     management permission||| Extraordinary performance
     Very fast computing on  low configuration hardware    
     or thin clients
||| No Pen drives / Removable Drives
     Users cannot use pendrives or removable drives
     without admin permission
||| Comprehensive EDP Audit
||| Audit Report on Internet Usage
||| Audit Report data storage by users
||| Audit Report antivirus activity
||| Audit Report on hacking attempts on network
||| Performance tuning on monthly basis
||| Disaster simulation by restoring backup every month
||| Prevention of internet misuse
||| No job sites, No bogus websites
||| Prevention of data theft by email
||| Email access on every computer without Internet
||| Internal mail system in LAN
||| Strong vigilance on data sent outside by email
||| High performance firewall
||| Possibility of connecting offices at various locations


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