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BlackBOX 2.X


Mail Server, Email Distribution Software, Email Vigilance Software, Email Backup System, Internet Proxy Server, Secured Internet Sharing, Internet Usage Restrictions, Report on All Outgoing Emails


Broadband internet connectivity has made everyone use internet. It comes with its own hazards like,

  • Spread of viruses and worms
  • Intrusion
  • Hacking
  • Data theft
  • Unauthorized access

BlackBox provides a good quality simple firewall to keep your network safe from such hazards.

Secured Internet Sharing

Internet needs to be shared in any small to big networks. It must be done in secured way. If not done properly, following problems can be faced.

  • High internet usage bills
  • Untimely usage of monthly data transfer
  • Open proxy blocking
  • Extremely slow internet

BlackBOX provides a good quality internet sharing system which prevents such problems.

Restrictions on Internet Usage

Since internet is needed in routine business processes, it needs to be accessed by staff. Following problems could invite trouble.

  • Access to job portals
  • Access to stock markets
  • Access to adult sites
  • Access to yahoo, gmail, hotmail
  • Sending confidential data by email / briefcase

BlackBox provides a comprehensive reports on websites surfed by users. This is useful in controlling internet activity against productivity loss.

Email Distribution System

This email centrally collects emails from POP server and distributes them on every desk. It has following advantages

  • No need to give internet on all desks to check emails
  • Emails are scanned by antivirus before they are delivered to the users
  • Internal emails in LAN work without internet
  • This system is compatible with all email clients like MS Outlook, Eudora, Incredimail, Outlook Express, Apple Mail

BlackBOX provides a good quality of email distribution system with many advanced features

Anti Spam System

BlackBOX provides very efficient anti spam system at webmail server itself. This prevents most unwanted and unsolicited emails entering your network. Its advanced antispam system uses following effective filters

  • 6 Paid DNS Blocklists
  • Sender Verification
  • Content Filtering
  • IP Reputation

Email Traffic Vigilance and Monitoring

The email system comes with vigilance system which keeps eye on incoming and outgoing emails. The designated person in every department who is responsible for monitoring email sent and received by users has access to inbox and outbox of all users. This avoids following problems.

  • Theft of confidential data by emails
  • Emails not received excuses


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