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Preferred Solutions Providers (PSP)

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BLACKbox can be purchased from Preferred Solution Provider to ensure quality standards, full proof security and prompt support


The objective of appointing PSP is to establish extended arm of SynerSOFT Technologies Pvt Ltd in any new market defined by geographical boundaries with a long term strategic importance.

The PSP will work towards

  1. Systematic direct marketing efforts in end user segment
  2. Technical support to customers by employing BLACKbox Certified Professional

Eligibility Criteria

In order to become eligible PSP, following criterion must be fulfilled

  1. Having minimum 25 Annual Maintenance Contracts of LAN networks of more than 10 computers
  2. Having focus towards Solution Based IT Business instead of Box Movement or Trading in IT equipments
  3. Must employ at least 1 BLACKbox Certified Professional
  4. Ready to spend time and efforts towards systematic marketing efforts ruled by Synersoft Technologies Pvt ltd.
  5. PSP will be given minimum margin guarantee on monthly basis subject to certain terms and conditions.

How to become PSP?

Please contact Mr Sudhir Chaubey 9227765826 (sudhir@synersoft.in) to know more about PSP terms and conditions.


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