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Certified Professional

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BLACKbox Certification is attained by successfully clearing BCP online exam.


Fresher or experienced professional in the field of system integration, computer hardware maintenance, networking and computer software solutions


  1. Call on 09227765826 to register for BCP training.
  2. Attend BCP training of 3 hours
  3. Practice CD and technical material will be provided during BCP training
  4. Take online test for BCP at your convenience at specified date from your office, home or cybercafe.


On successful completion of BCP exam with score above 60 points, candidate will be certified for BLACKbox level 1. Certificate will be sent to the candidate in due course of time.


  • BLACKbox certified professional will be preferred for installation, support or maintenance of BLACKbox system.
  • Synersoft will recommend BCP to its customers for availing services
  • Synersoft will forward support calls to BCPs which can be attended by BCPs on chargeable basis
  • BCP`s contact details will be published on BLACKbox website.


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